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Cellhire USA launches Japanese wireless data card

New York, NY, August 28, 2003 — Cellhire USA LLC, the world’s pre-eminent supplier of international wireless rental solutions, has announced the introduction of a wireless data card designed specifically for use in Japan. The data card offers clients a simple and hassle-free method of connecting to e-mail and the Internet virtually anywhere in Japan.

Data cards offer travelers a convenient and cost-effective way of staying in touch while visiting Japan. The card is set at a fixed price so customers pay a flat rate with unlimited usage. The high-speed wireless connection operates on Japan’s fastest data network at speeds up to 128kbps. The data card plugs directly into the PC slot of the user’s laptop, removing the need for other wireless devices.

“Anyone traveling to Japan knows how long they will be traveling just from the airport to get into the city,” says Jay Chalnick, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development of Cellhire USA. “The data card is a perfect way to kill some time and knock out the e-mails you have received during the long flight over.”

Japanese data cards complement Cellhire’s existing Japanese phone rental. Japanese phone rentals include a local mobile number, English-character display and free incoming calls. “Now our clients can take advantage of both wireless voice and data solutions while visiting Japan,” says Jon Grabow, Cellhire’s Senior Vice President of Sales. “There are no more excuses for being out of the office,“ he adds. “Indeed, Cellhire is committed to keeping clients connected, anywhere.”

Established in 1987, Cellhire is a world leader in mobile communications providing clients and partners with innovative and competitive wireless solutions. Cellhire is an independent company providing service on various networks worldwide. Through the strength of global relationships, Cellhire offers customers a broad range of world class rental services. Cellhire’s commitment to innovation makes it possible for clients to take advantage of the most sophisticated voice and data technology enabling them to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel.

Cellhire is represented around the world with offices throughout the US in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington, DC, throughout the UK in London, Manchester and York, in Paris, France and Sydney, Australia.

For further information about Japanese data cards or Cellhire USA in general, please contact Sari Miniman, Marketing Manager at + 1 212 376 7379 ext. 230.

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