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UK mobile phone company on the ball at Euro 2004, Euro 2004 call-up for UK mobile phone company

Euro 2004 call-up for UK mobile phone company.
St George flags are not the only item being snapped up for Euro 2004 – mobile phones are proving big business too.

As teams, officials and fans prepare for Euro 2004 in Portugal they are renting mobiles and local Portugese SIMs in a bid to keep in touch with home easier, quicker and cheaper. This is bringing yet another boost to the UK economy.

Independent York mobile phone company Cellhire is celebrating its Euro 2004 call-up and is working hard to meet demand for mobiles and local SIMs.

“Cellhire’s reputation for providing quality mobile solutions at national and international events has earned the company its place at Euro 2004,” said Tim Williams, Cellhire’s Chairman & Chief Executive.

He added: “Cellhire has a strategic partnership with TMN of Portugal, a main sponsor of Euro 2004, that allows Cellhire’s customers to keep in touch quickly and easily and save money by using local airtime.”

David Beckham and England boss Sven Goran Eriksson are among the valued users of Cellhire’s services. At the last World Cup Cellhire supplied most of the England squad with mobile phones, together with the Irish, Swedish and French teams.

Cellhire is also supplying the Athens Olympics in Greece, including UK Athletics, through an exclusive strategic marketing partnership with Vodafone Greece. Athletes, officials, fans and the media will be among those that Cellhire keep in touch with loved ones and colleagues.

Cellhire, which had a £18.6m turnover in 2003 and a forecasted turnover of £20.6m for 2004, covers over 130 countries worldwide with its mobile solutions. The company has already supplied the Cannes Film Festival this year, and is also supplying the Tour de France and the Farnborough Air Show.

Cellhire’s celebrity customers include Kylie Minogue, Robert De Niro and star of the cult TV series The X-Files David Duchovny.

“With 10 offices worldwide and 180 staff, Cellhire is growing in stature all the time and the company’s presence at the major international sporting events Euro 2004 and Athens shows the strength of our offering,” said David.

Cellhire, established in 1987 and with headquarters in York, has much to celebrate. The company, which has over 20,000 handsets available for rent, achieved a ‘personal best’ in May 2004 with 15,000 units on rent at one time.

“Cellhire provides its customers with the best mobile solutions and they appreciate the company’s commitment to quality and service,” said David.

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