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East Meets West As Cellhire Launches A New Office In Tokyo

York based mobile communications rental provider, Cellhire, recently opened its tenth international office in Japan’s bustling capital city, Tokyo.

Cellhire, who has offices as far flung as New York, Paris and Seattle, expanded into the far east in early March.

The company offers rental solutions for overseas travellers worldwide. With its extensive array of products, a wide choice of service providers, 24 hour customer service and numerous international offices, Cellhire is in the unique position of being a global service provider.

Through the business secured by providing travellers with services for Japan, Cellhire recognised the potential of having a base within the country. Their proximity allows them to build up strong business partnerships within Japan, giving them the ability to offer an unmatched level of service to their customers and extending their global reach.

Cellhire will provide solutions for both inbound travellers to Japan and outbound travellers from the country to anywhere in the world. This will allow travellers to and from one of the world’s leading business capitals to stay fully connected and contactable despite the time differences, culture shock and jet lag!

Although the mobile technology in Japan is incompatible with most others used around the globe, Cellhire’s new Japan office will ensure travellers can keep connected with a compatible solution whether visiting or leaving Japan. With the country being an international leader in mobile and data technology, situating Cellhire at the epicentre of technological advancement, the position can only be advantageous for the company’s customers.

Tim Williams (Chairman & Chief Executive) describes the expansion as “ an exciting new opportunity, allowing Cellhire to expand its Global Portfolio into eastern markets, embracing new technologies, practices and cultures. It’s an exciting time for both us as a company and our customers who will benefit from the mobile solutions and new level of service the Tokyo base will facilitate.

Cellhire’s Japanese office is now open for business, headed by Joji Kanemoto and supported by Cellhire plc’s head office in York.

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