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Save on international roaming – pack your cell phone number next time you travel!

Traveling abroad can often be a hectic experience, not to mention expensive, particularly if you take your mobile phone abroad and get burned by high roaming rates! Cellhire, a mobile communications specialist, will soon make the whole experience easier with its innovative new solution: Follow Me.


Beginning October 2005, Follow Me will allow travelers to take their existing mobile number overseas and avoid high-priced international roaming charges; saving up to 40% on their calls while abroad. No more inconvenient phone number changes, no more notifying family and friends of your new number, they can now reach you by simply dialing your mobile phone number.


Follow Me is a simple, convenient solution that enables travelers to forward their calls to the local SIM card or handset for whichever country they are traveling to worldwide. The service is compatible with all mobile technologies, so even if you are traveling to a non-GSM region such as Japan or Korea , or remote regions where only satellite phones will work, you can still take your number with you and say goodbye to roaming.


“Cellhire has provided travelers with cost saving local airtime solutions for years, but only since the launch of Follow Me have customers been able to keep their existing number. With more and more people wanting to use their mobile abroad Cellhire is sure Follow Me will prove a huge success with both business and leisure travelers. Cellhire is delighted to be a pioneer in the provision of such valuable cost saving services for its customers and looks forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

Gary Riding , Chief Executive Officer, Cellhire USA LLC.


Cellhire is the world leader in short term mobile solutions rentals and provides a range of voice and data services for all travelers. Rental options include global cell phone rental, local airtime, Japanese and Korean phone rental, satellite phone rental and mobile e-mail and Internet solutions such as the International BlackBerry ® and data cards for laptops. With offices throughout the UK, USA, France, Australia and Japan, and relationships with networks across the globe, Cellhire is able to provide customers with cost effective, convenient mobile solutions saving them time and money when traveling abroad.

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