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New Japan 3G phone product launch

This month Cellhire added 3G phones for Japan to its extensive international fleet.

The 3G handsets bridge the compatibility divide between GSM networks, used in the UK, and the local technologies used in Japan. This allows Cellhire to offer its customers recognisable and easy to use handsets.

The new Japanese phone combines 3G technology with the renowned user friendly Nokia design, meaning although the travellers location is unfamiliar their mobile phone needn’t be.

As the world becomes smaller and companies expand globally, international travel is imperative to businesses, second only to communication. Often combining the two is both technical and costly. Cellhire, a mobile communications specialist, prides itself on its expertise in global communication solutions and its wealth of global solutions.

Cellhire offers local airtime in over 20 different countries. This allows the business traveller to retain contact with clients and colleagues without resorting to roaming and incurring massive costs. The company’s unique selling point is that with all of the destinations on offer the customer can keep their own mobile phone number through a unique number forwarding service. There is no need to let people know of a new contact number when travelling.

The usability, familiarity and cost savings Cellhire can offer take the hassle out of travel.

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