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Cellhire launches new website for international affiliated resellers

Cellhire is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for international affiliated resellers. The site is designed to provide Cellhire partners with the ability to ‘self serve’, with a host of online information available through a secure log-in process. Invoices and CDRs can be viewed online, high quality billing information is available at the touch of a button and special offers are updated on a regular¬†represents a significant value-add for resellers and makes their interaction with Cellhire easier than ever before.

Phase two of the website’s development is already well under way and when implemented, will deliver further improvements in content and functionality. Resellers will have access to their own retail pricing tool, giving them the ability to create their own tariffs, against which the portal will then generate invoices. Stock control and reporting on SIM utilisation and revenue history will be another feature of phase two, as will integral dispatch, return and off-hire processes. More information on phase two will be posted nearer to the implementation date.

For further information about this release or Cellhire PLC in general, please visit:

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