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The Times Photographer uses Cellhire for David Beckham’s arrival in USA

David Beckham’s first match for LA Galaxy brought about a global media frenzy with jounalists from all corners of the globe congregating at ‘The Home Depot Center’.

The competition for coverage and the perfect picture was fierce. With the help of Cellhire, photographers from the UK’s Daily Mirror, The Sun and The Times were able to instantly download the photos and send them back to HQ with minimal time delay ensuring the pictures were fresh off the press the following day.

Popular within the Media sector, who need reliable, high speed data solutions for downloading images and research information, the EVDO data card is a wireless broadband service giving broadband internet access through the 3G cellular network. It can provide Wi-Fi speeds and countrywide coverage, without needing a Wi-Fi hot spot, usually at speeds of around 600 kbps -1.4 mbps. Just insert it into a Mac or the PC card slot of a laptop and you’re off!

“Using the Verizon Datacard supplied by Cellhire, in Los Angeles, to cover David Beckham’s arrival with LA Galaxy was nothing short of a God-send. For the unveiling ceremony and with an 8 hour time difference, I had a matter of minutes to download, edit, caption and file a picture which was used on the back page of The Times. A superb service – one which I shall use on all future assignments to the US.” Marc Aspland, The Times Chief Sports Photographer

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