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Official supplier at the Cannes Film Festival until 2010

In a month full of prestigious film awards Cellhire has won an award of its very own. The mobile solutions provider has secured another 3 year contract with the Cannes Film Festival establishing it as the only official mobile communication rental supplier at the event.

Since 1998 Cellhire has held official supplier accreditation for the annual Cannes Film Festival, providing solutions to the media, photographers and corporates visiting the festival. The renewal of the contract is testimony to the company’s excellent relationship with the Festival’s organizing body, MIFF, and Cellhire’s unmatched service cards.

Cellhire solutions ensure that all visitors to the festival can keep in touch with friends and colleagues back home through voice or email devices.

If customers are unable to rent a solution from Cellhire prior to the event the company has an on-site presence within the Palais. Last year the stand fulfilled a record number of rentals. Cellhire hopes to build on its previous successes this year, beating last years record and demonstrating why it is the only official rental supplier at the Cannes Film Festival.

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