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Cellhire developing relationship with World Challenge Expeditions

Cellhire, the York-based mobile communications provider, is proud to be developing its relationship with adventure specialist World Challenge Expeditions. The partnership has been ongoing since 2001, with recent uptake increasing significantly.

World Challenge Expeditions specialise in outdoor educational programmes for school groups, with personal development in mind, whether it is a one day adventure in the UK or a six week expedition across the world. Their principal goal is to provide young people with life skills, such as leadership and teamwork, focusing on education through exploration.

World Challenge Expeditions have extended their rental requirements, purchasing a further 68 Thurayaand 32 Iridium satellite phones in addition to the 200 Iridium satellite phones purchased for 2007, and hired a total of 232 SIMs from Cellhire to guarantee that the level of safety on their excursions is second to none. This highlights Cellhire’s expertise in telecommunication provision from both short and long term perspective.

The satellite phones were hired for emergency use and contact between team leaders as well as for communication back to the UK. In remote areas where terrestrial or cellular network coverage is unavailable, Cellhire can provide the latest satellite communication technology to ensure connection whatever the circumstances.

The service is simple and convenient, without long term tie-ins and can lead to significant cost savings. For World Challenge Expeditions our service guarantees peace of mind that their communication capability on excursions will be first class.

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