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Gulf Coast businesses turn to Cellhire for emergency Satellite phones

Cellhire, continues to help those affected by hurricane damage throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast region. Cellhire has helped more than 250 coastline companies stay connected throughout the intense hurricane season and anticipates additional demand as relief efforts continue in the wake of Hurricane Ike.


In disaster recovery situations, Cellhire provides wireless communication equipment such as Iridium satellite phones and rugged Nextel two-way radios to first responders and public safety personnel. As an Authorized Service Provider for Iridium products and services, Cellhire plays a key role in disaster preparedness and emergency response. Reliable Iridium satellite phones can be the only means of communication during post-hurricane conditions when cellular networks are often down and entire cities are plagued with power outages.


“Wireless communication is essential when disaster strikes,” said John Henry, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Cellhire USA. “Whether it’s a natural disaster or an emergency affecting a local business, companies turn to Cellhire to keep them connected when traditional land and cellular networks fail.”


Year-round, Cellhire provides wireless communication services for major media organizations, U.S. Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. As an added benefit, Cellhire assists its corporate customers in preparing for natural disasters and other emergencies so they can rely on wireless service to keep their employees connected, productive and competitive.


As the hurricane season continues through November, individuals and businesses seeking around-the-clock connectivity are encouraged to contact Cellhire. As a special offer, Cellhire has dramatically reduced the purchase price on select models, including the Iridium 9505A satellite phone. Thanks to Cellhire’s global partnership with Iridium, the 9505A handset (retail price $1,899) is now available for purchase through Cellhire for just $1,295, a cost savings of over $600.


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