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Scouting with satellite phones

Cellhire’s satellite phones helped the Scouts in their recent adventure to Kenya.

With 46 young people and a support team of 20 adults spending three weeks in the African bush, reliable communication was of paramount importance. The intrepid team needed to be able to keep in contact with the UK from a geographical area where traditional network coverage would simply not exist.

Cellhire supplied the team with 4 satellite handsets for the duration of the adventure. These phones are designed to provide connectivity in the harshest of terrain. The handsets look and feel like ‘traditional’ mobile phones, so the Scouts found the user experience reassuringly familiar. All incoming calls are free of charge and a handy inbuilt GPS location facility enabled the explorers to pinpoint their position at any given time. The phones came complete with a full accessory pack including rapid charger, travel adaptor, and instruction booklet. And for added peace of mind, Cellhire provides 24 hour global customer service, 365 days a year on all satellite handsets.

“The satellite handsets stood up to the task very well. They were easy to use, the coverage was consistent and they provided a vital lifeline back to ‘civilization’. The support service from Cellhire was very professional. We’ll certainly consider returning for our next expedition”. Ian Chappell County Commissioner.

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