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Praise from Wall Street Journal

Our US operation received a glowing report in a recent article investigating short term rental companies and their respective capabilities. Key comments included:

“Our first rental was from Cellhire. The Dallas-based company has been renting mobile devices for 20 years, so it was no surprise that ordering was straightforward and effortless”.

“The phone came with its original manual, a USB cable and instructions on how to sync to a corporate email server. We chose to have our email forwarded to the device’s assigned email address and it worked seamlessly”.

“And when we had a question about our Cellhire unit, we got quick and competent answers at midnight on a Sunday”.

Matt Bennett, UK Managing Director commented “This demonstrates not only our global scale, but also the fact that our ‘Customer First’ ethos is as strong in the US as it is here in the UK. It’s a really strong endorsement of the service we provide”.

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