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118 800 and Cellhire customers

We have had a number of calls and emails from clients concerned about this new directory of mobile numbers.

The only way that 118 800 can obtain any of our customers’ mobile numbers would be with their express permission. This could be via market research calls, online marketing etc where the client would agree to their contact details being used for future marketing purposes.

Given the degree of media profile around this launch, we understand concerns relating to intrusive calling, privacy of data and even the possibility of incurring unwanted costs, so we would like to provide clarity as follows:

You may rest assured that Cellhire has not and will not under any circumstances disclose any of our customers’ contact details to this organisation or indeed, to any other third party.

Should a member of our clients’ staff or one of their customers inadvertently release their mobile numbers, unsubscribing is possible via this link. There is a cost of £1.00 to remove each number from the database and this must be undertaken on a number by number basis.

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