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Mobile Broadband for Swine Flu

Cellhire came to the assistance of a leading insurance broker earlier this month, when the swine flu pandemic posed a serious threat to business.

The client anticipated staffing problems and requested mobile broadband modems on weekly rental, to allocate to personnel as and when they were unable to make it in to work.

Aside from those contracting the virus, several staff were themselves unaffected, but their partners or children caught swine flu and these people were therefore unable to come to work.

Eventually the client had over twenty key staff unable to make it into the office due to the effects of the swine flu virus. Mobile broadband connectivity enabled them to access and act upon their emails, mitigating the effects of the virus upon company performance.

Mark Arnell, head of sales at Cellhire comments “Mobile broadband as a weekly or monthly rental proposition is ideal for clients wanting to retain ‘business as usual’ in situations such as this; connectivity is maintained, but in a cost effective way, because there are no long term tie-ins to consider”.

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