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Alarming rental for Kilimanjaro climb

Mike Peters, lead singer of the Welsh rock giants The Alarm, is utilising satellite technology from Cellhire, in his attempt to scale Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mike is the co-founder of the Love Hope Strength Foundation, which provides grants for cancer centres, hospices, hospitals, equipment and research, through its fundraising activities. Keeping in contact whilst scaling the tallest freestanding mountain rise in the world requires satellite handsets, which operate effectively in hostile environments, where traditional coverage simply doesn’t exist.

Cellhire supported Mike on a previous expedition to Everest in 2007 and is delighted to be able to supply the intrepid vocalist on his latest undertaking.

Dan Wilson, account manager at Cellhire comments “I’m a bit young to remember The Alarm if I’m honest, but our relationship with Iridium means that we are best placed to provide intrepid adventurers of all types with the very best solutions”

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