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Short Term Data Does Exist

How will you stay connected without long term commitments and huge dollars buying up soon to be outdated technology?

We are all trying to avoid long term commitments like those with major carriers. We are all experimenting with cost savings in telecommuting. No one wants to sink money into ever changing communication gadgets. Entrepreneurs and small business (and even big business) are trying to save money when traveling across the country and exploring telecommuting as a way of doing business.

Really, you cannot pass on the opportunities that take us away from home base but who can afford to commit to a broadband card and contract for the one off event away from the office? This is the time to grow and position your business! But how will you keep everyone connected? And how will you save money while on the road?

Every dollar counts and Cellhire knows it. We have expanded our international solutions to fit your domestic needs. We are no longer just an “international” solutions company. We are working to meet your “global” requirements and that includes domestic services! You rent the equipment for as long as you need it at rates that are far less expensive and there is no equipment to buy. Let us leverage our airtime contracts and thousands of pieces of equipment for your business! Take a look at some of our successes.

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