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Software training on the road

The challenge

When a software development company hit the road to demo a new product to other offices across the country, they needed a solution that would allow them all to connect.

The solution

Cellhire introduced this ‘on-the-go’ team of four to MiFi. This wireless hub allows up to five connections which was ideal for this team during their 6 week tour to 14 offices coast to coast.

The results

This allowed them to collaborate and set up their ‘war-room’ from the airport to the hotel to the office without everyone having to find and connect to several networks. Coverage was assured in even the most remote locations where their own carrier coverage was sometimes weak.

Congrats to the team by the way, the software demos were a huge success and the company’s sales team is well on their way to selling this product! Cellhire is happy to be part of their success.

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