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What does it mean to be “mobile” and how Cellhire keeps you moving?

Our mission at Cellhire is to provide the best mobile solutions, anywhere. But what does “mobile” mean? For Cellhire, it means connected through technology. Whatever connected means to you is what we want to do well! It could be two-way radios, it could be satellite technology, it could be a phone that rings or a phone that gets your e-mails and text messages, or it could mean all out data transfer and keeping your computer tied to the internet. Read on to see all the technology Cellhire provides.

World Wide Voice Solutions

Cellhire can provide phone service almost anywhere in the world. We have various globe trotting solutions or we can pinpoint service to the country you are visiting at up to a 60% savings over your US carrier rates. With free incoming calls and a number local to that region, why look anywhere else? But don’t let the international dialing scare you off. We thought of that too and offer FollowMe® service that allows you to use your domestic phone number while on another country’s network.

Can’t live without your email and internet

Cellhire offers both domestic and international data solutions. Leveraging our relationships with many global carriers, there are not many places on a map that is out of our reach. Whether your need is just a Blackberry® to keep up with e-mail or a full blown USB or MiFi® data link for your laptop, we can provide the solution that truly fits your needs. The best part is, you don’t have to buy the equipment and you don’t have to sign up for any long-term contracts, just send it back when you no longer need the service. This is the perfect solution for projects and travel needs, business or leisure.

2 Way Radios and Push-To-Talk Programmed Services

Along with our Nextel and Verizon push-to-talk solutions, we are certain to have what you need. And best of all, we do the programming for you. Whether you need voice activated for a few on your team or everyone or no one and/or group paging set up for all the groups you need, we send you the equipment ready for your team to turn on and get busy! Want something simpler than that? Cellhire is proud to have recently partnered with DC Rentals (official communications providers for the Boston Marathon and many other events) for two-way communications. We offer the full spectrum of equipment including repeaters and base stations.

Where cell phones don’t work

Cellhire has been a provider for many non-profit groups over the years for satellite phone services. We have partnered with Iridium and Thurya as well as BGAN to ensure that disaster recovery teams have the communications support they need. Our equipment and services have seen hurricane, tornado and flood hit regions all over the world. This service also expands to our cruise and safari crowds and other mission and high adventure organizations have used these devices to stay connected or simply be in touch with emergency response teams.

Added Value

What more could there be? Many of our services can be paired with value added services. Our customers present us with a need and we respond. The FollowMe® mentioned above can be linked to many services. To answer the needs of our anxious parents with children traveling aboard in exchange groups, Cellhire created FindMe® which allows the parents to log-in and see where their child is on the globe. For the chaperones and events marketing, we are now offering Broadcast SMS® services allowing a single text message to be delivered to entire groups of people. With reasonable Theft and Lost insurance, peace of mind is assured if our equipment is damaged, lost or stolen. Credit Alert® services are a standard with Cellhire alerting you of high usage to help you control your costs. We offer these many customized programs for corporations and are open to partnerships that make it easy for our consumers to do business.

As always, we are at your service. Contact Cellhire for more information.

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