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2010 Winter Olympics

The 21st Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver, Canada between February 12-28 and 97 countries from Albania to Venezuela will be coming to the event. Along with the 25,000 volunteers, the world’s media will be attending the event and Cellhire has been working with broadcasters, journalists, sponsors and teams to provide them with wireless communications through its partner for the event; Rogers Canada.

“Cellhire’s global network of offices are perfectly located to meet the needs of the world’s media” commented Martyn Stevens, Director of International Business Development. “Customers who used our service at the Beijing Olympics are taking voicedata and SMS broadcast solutions for Vancouver and we are delighted to be dealing with so many national Olympic committees too”.

Germany’s position as the leading medal winner 4 years ago at the Torino Olympics has led to the strongest media representation of any nation apart from the USA, and Cellhire’s Munich office has reported record sales for the event.

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