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USB Modems and data cards

Mobilise your laptop with remote, wireless access to email and the internet. Both USB modems and data cards provide real-time access to essential information whenever and wherever you need it, so you no longer have to be in the office to be productive.

Why choose a USB modem or data card?

  • Stay in touch with colleagues, customers and suppliers via your laptop
  • Work effectively when you’re out and about
  • Superfast downloads- open web pages, emails and attachments in seconds
  • Fantastic coverage at home and abroad
  • Unlimited mobile broadband solutions available *
  • Available on a contract or short term rental basis

* subject to a fair usage policy

Key differences:

  • Data cards are suitable for laptops, whilst USB modems can be used with both laptops and PC’s**
  • Data cards are neater, in that they can be stored within the laptop at all times
  • Data cards require install software (on a CD), whereas USB modems are self-installing
  • Only USB modems are appropriate for use with Apple Mac operating systems

** subject to an appropriate port being available on the PC

Cellhire offers a wide range of USB

Whether you prefer a ‘stick’ or a ‘dongle’, UK mobile broadband or an international solution, we can help you choose the most applicable USB modems for your individual needs.

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