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HR manager figures it out

All of us are proceeding with hiring decisions cautiously. There is just too much going on. Temp to hire and contract labor is on the rise during these turbulent and unpredictable times. No room at the office to put them either. We can’t move to a bigger space just yet but we need to be ready for the upturn – enter telecommuting.

The Human Resource Manager with a medium sized business called us about renting data cards and discovered that we had so much more to offer. We were able to equip her new home office sales and support hires with data cards and BlackBerry® phones to keep them connected and to maximize their productivity. We offered her the flexibility to cancel at anytime with weekly rental fees and bundled data rentals, all for less than the service alone would have cost them with their existing carrier.

No equipment buys, no long term contracts! Just what they needed when they needed it at an affordable price.

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