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Critical satellite communications aid Haiti earthquake recovery work.

The fragile communications infrastructure of Haiti has struggled to cope with the scale of the earthquake. GSM networks were not available for many days after the earthquake in Haiti hindering communications and the recovery effort. This placed a heavy demand on the need for satellite communications.

As soon as the short term communication specialists Cellhire heard about the disaster, they were eager to lend their assistance by supplying satellite devices to help restore vital communications and aid the recovery effort. The urgent requirement for satellite phones meant that Cellhire’s offices around the world were quick to designate their fleet to organisations involved in helping the recovery process.

“Everybody feels for the people of Haiti at this very difficult time” commented Tim Williams CEO of the Cellhire Group. “Cellhire is very proud that we’ve been able to support the relief effort to ease the suffering of those affected by the disaster.”

As a global organisation Cellhire utilised its offices around the world to coordinate deliveries within the quickest possible time. Cellhire supplied satellite equipment to media organisations, international TV networks and radio stations as well as the US Coast Guard, US Army and the MOD.

To provide further assistance to those agencies involved in the crisis Cellhire will be donating 5% of it’s revenues from its rental activity in Haiti to NGO’s in the US, France and UK.

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