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Cellhire UK website re-launched with a host of new products & features

In a determined effort to continuously improve the customer experience, Cellhire has developed its website and is very excited about the results.

The site has been re-launched with a host of additional features. Not only is the site more aesthetically pleasing, but its new product search tool means it is both easier and quicker to navigate.

The site has a new and improved interface, enhanced functionality and an extended product portfolio. Our international SIM card portfolio now includes PolishCzech and Canadian airtime, ensuring that wherever you are travelling in the world Cellhire has a SIM solution suitable for your journey that guarantees significant cost savings.

Cellhire is delighted to announce that secure online ordering using a purchase order number is also readily available to businesses as well as credit card payment.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can further improve our site please

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