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Why communications are important!

Due to a cloud of volcanic ash, all flights in and out of the UK and several other European countries were suspended, leaving travellers stranded abroad and unable to get to their destination of choice. Unforeseen situations such as this reaffirm the importance of being contactable at all times; be it with family and friends to assure them you are safe, colleagues – to rearrange meetings and deadlines or simply so you are in touch with up-to-the-minute and correct information.

It is in situations such as this that communications are vital. In foreign countries the cost of roaming can mean you are hit with high mobile and data bills on your return. Whilst the additional and unpredicted costs of hotel bills, transport, alternative flights etc all add up, this doesn’t have to be the case with your mobile phone bills. Cellhire specialise in renting low cost voice and data solutions. By utilising a local airtime SIM card, this can reduce your mobile call cost by 70% when compared to roaming. Cellhire also provide data solutions which are ideal for working outside of an office environment. A USB modem can provide instant access to email and the internet ensuring that, even if you can’t be at meetings in person, all other attendees can still access to the information they need from you.

If you would like any further details about our mobile solutions, please visit our international portfolio or contact a member of the sales team.

If you are a British National stranded overseas due to the volcanic ash grounding flights please visit The pages have information on insurance, alternative travel options and contact details for the FCO and its embassies overseas.

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