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MiFi – Intelligent mobile hotspot

Cellhire is pleased to announce that it has recently launched the MiFi – mobile hotspot. MiFi is a WiFi mobile router that offers a simple and hassle-free method of connecting up to five users to the internet at any one time. Connectivity can be achieved either wirelessly or via the supplied USB cable which plugs directly into a laptop or notebook. MiFi operates over high-speed networks enabling you to connect at high speeds to the Internet or your corporate Intranet, and access your email while you are away from the office. The MiFi device enables you to securely connect virtually any WiFi enabled device to MiFi for a total mobile Internet experience.

Additionally you can use MiFi in USB modem mode (tethered modem) by plugging it into a USB port on your computer.

For further details visit Cellhire’s homepage or call Cellhire to speak to a MiFi expert.

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