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On the ball with a USB Modem

A world leader in short term communication rental and with over 20 years experience in the business, Cellhire is confident in its ability to meet the needs of the sporting events industry.

Cellhire has a wealth of experience working with media professionals including broadcasters, journalists, sponsors and teams to provide wireless communications for events. Cellhire boasts an impressive portfolio of clients and has the capacity to fulfill requirements for large scale events such as the FIFA 2010 Football World Cup and the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Global coverage is vital to our clients, who are eager to report on and take pictures of sporting stars at high profile events. Clients rely on Cellhire to provide cost effective, high speed data solutions for uploading images and data without delay to compete for the front page breaking news story.

Whilst attending the Six Nations Rugby in Paris, a Cellhire customer experienced difficulties with the Wi-Fi connection at the venue. To ensure a competitive edge, she had rented an Orange France Modem and without it would have been at a complete loss. Lucky enough to be in the perfect spot for England’s only try of the match, the customer was able to take a great sequence of pictures and send them to press to be published the following morning.

“I was lucky enough to be sitting in the right place for England’s only try of the match & got a great sequence of pictures. Thanks to the modem I was able to send them to the papers just before the first monsoon came along and was glad I’d gone for the modem option.” – Karina Hoskyns

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