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Heading off to a trade show from New York to Los Angeles presented some challenges for our client. There was no missing this event, way to much on the line. It was necessary to attend and as with most companies, minimizing costs was mandatory.

The challenge

Mr. Christenson came to us seeking a data card solution. Connectivity at the event and hotel was just way too expensive. He needed something only for a 4 day trip so signing up with his carrier was not really an option given the demand to purchase the card and a 2-year contract.

The solution

Cellhire answered with an US unlimited data bundle. At first, he was a bit concerned about his lack of technical expertise, “hope it’s not too complicated, I don’t have time to mess around”. Cellhire’s 24 hour technical support team was at the ready to get him going and as it turns out, it was simple enough that he didn’t have to make the call.

The results

He was able to stay connected to his network throughout the entire show, placing orders real time, sending product information at the time of the request and staying connected to his e-mail, all for a nominal one time rental fee.

Just dropped the card in the bag and the bag in the UPS box when he got home and all was well. A successful event with some cost savings that only improved those margins! Glad we could help!

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