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Even on a cruise ship

Salty sea air, incredible islands and ports-of-call, plenty of sun block, my busy tourist shirt, a big brimmed hat, all you can eat and dancing all night – I love being on a cruise. One caution though, if you think you may want to call home to brag to your friends and family, check on the kids or even check in on that deal you’ve been working on at the office; your phone may not work and if it does, the charges may be astronomical. That’s where Cellhire can help.

We offer the services that will work and that will save you money, leaving more for souvenirs and island hoping. Our satellite phone rentals will work while at port and while out at sea. When your ship comes into port, Cellhire can supply you with a GSM phone while on land. With access to networks in over 180 countries, we just need to know your destinations and can customize a solution that will fit your needs. If you are traveling with a large group, be sure and ask about availability of push-to-talk services and broadcast SMS to keep the group informed and connected.

No matter where you may be in this big world, Cellhire will keep you in touch and will offer you a sense of security knowing you are never more than a phone call away! Satellite and international cell phone rentals include VoiceMail, free incoming calls to most destinations and a complete accessory pack with universal charging adaptors. Cellhire is at your service with 24 Hour Global Technical Support, 365 days a year.

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