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Why Pay Roaming, Go Local at FIFA WC2010?

Articles abound regarding high call and data charges while in South Africa. Consumer groups have issued several notices regarding the possible fees associated with domestic carriers when roaming abroad, especially on data intensive phones like the iPhone. All of these articles have one thing in common. They are talking about your international roaming charges with your local carrier, which begs the question …

Why roam on your domestic carrier and risk the outrageous bills? Why not go local?

Cellhire® secured over 7,000 lines on the MTN® network in South Africa, an official sponsor of this years games. Not only are we able to make some fabulously priced offers for the World Cup event complete with 24/7 support, we can navigate the countries RICA regulations for you and ensure you are properly registered with your local solution.

From SIM Only to BlackBerry® solutions to complete phone rental packages that include free incoming calls, there is every reason to expect outstanding savings. Worried about having to teach everyone to dial internationally on your MTN rental, ask us about FollowMe®. Friends and family will not have to dial internationally or keep a new number handy to reach you with this great add on feature.

We even have a great 5GB data bundle offer complete with the free DataManager® tool that will allow you the flexibility to get what you need and know your usage and, best of all, eliminate those surprisingly high bills.

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York telecom firm Cellhire to receive £1m boost from World Cup partnership

Whatever the outcome of the World Cup, Cellhire of York will be a winner.

The following article by Ron Godfrey was published in the York Press on the 3rd June 2010. An extract from the article appears below, if you would like to view the full article online, visit the York Press.

The Clifton Park-based mobile solutions specialist, which is renowned for getting around expensive “roaming” charges abroad, has agreed a strategic partnership with the South African MTN Group.

MTN (Mobile Telecommunication Networks) is a mobile operator which is one of the major sponsors of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and Cellhire is the first company outside South Africa to become its international service provider.

The deal will see Cellhire providing more than 7,000 voice and data connections at the event – worth more than £1 million to the company.

It will represent savings of thousands of pounds for competing teams and football associations, sponsors, journalists, media professionals and corporate travellers in the republic throughout the event which starts on June 11.

Cellhire’s help will be particularly vital for the world’s press corps because it will provide cost effective, high speed solutions that enable the instant upload of photographs and contact with newsdesks. It is not the first time that the £20 million turnover company has become involved in the World Cup, but this is the most lucrative.

Tim Williams, Cellhire’s chairman and chief executive, said: “The forthcoming the World Cup represents a huge opportunity for us. Historically, mobile communications in South Africa has been both expensive and occasionally unreliable. Our partnership with MTN alleviates these problems. We’re very excited about the forthcoming event.”

The company is “supporting” countries from all over the globe including Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, USA and, of course, England.

In the months building up to the World Cup, Cellhire has also been developing innovative products and services to provide new, cost effective technology.

That includes its DataManager solution which enables customers to keep track of the total amount of data used, even alerting them when usage has reached a selected level.

A specific “World Cup Portal” has also been developed for corporate customers, which allows access to a number of extra services including online billing and TextMyBill, designed to keep down communication costs.

Cellhire has assembled a special technical support team in South Africa to assist customers during the World Cup itself. Clients can therefore focus on conducting business without having to worry about network reliability and the cost of keeping in touch.

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