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Organizing Communications for International Events

One of the most often overlooked cost for any travel or event is the cost of communications. Huge savings can be had just by moving away from the status quo of roaming on our domestic carrier networks. Cellhire USA participates in numerous events all over the globe. Specializing in international communications equipment, Cellhire makes staying connected easy while saving upwards to 60%. Proving their worth to entities like the US Olympic Committee and ESPN to ensure cellular, data and even satellite coverage is just another day at Cellhire. Most recently, Cellhire provided communications equipment for the various event planners at the Football World Cup through a relationship with the MTN Network in South Africa.

“Helping to manage group communications on foreign networks and ensure significant savings is what Cellhire is committed to.” Manager of Corporate Event Sales, Kirk Samuels, goes on to say, “Commitment to continuous improvement to our internal processes coupled with well trained and tenured staff allows us to pro-actively focus on creating customized packages for our event customers. Product bundles may include cellular with SMS Broadcast capabilities, data packages, satellite phones and satellite data connections or a mixture of services. We can even program your address book into your GSM cell phones as part of the service.”

Because their customers rent the equipment and the airtime for the country they are visiting, there are no long term commitments and better yet, no international roaming fees or activations to be managed.

On a domestic front, Cellhire offers of customized push-to-talk (PTT) services from both Nextel® and Verizon® to ensure coverage all over the US. All PTT services are customized and may include voice and group talk to your specifications. They also offer 2-way radio rentals. Everything comes to the end user ready to use.

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