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Cellhire sporting reduced call charges for Singapore Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games opens on the 14th August 2010 until 26th August 2010 and will be hosted in Singapore. The event is expected to see 500 athletes and officials, 1,200 media representatives, 205 National Olympic Committees and some 370,000 spectators in attendance.

Cellhire has a long established strategic partnership in place with SingTel, the Singaporean telecommunications provider and event sponsor, and can offer customers visiting the Youth Olympic Games cost savings of up to 70% on their mobile voice and data bills.

Cellhire offers a vast range of products and services to keep you connected for less whilst in Singapore.

Our SIM card only solution costs as little as £5.00 per week. You simply hire a Singaporean SIM card for the duration of your stay to use in your own unlocked GSM phone, or rent a phone from Cellhire. You can choose from a basic Nokia handset or a state-of-the-art smartphone depending on your intended usage levels. Roaming (using your existing phone abroad) can be very costly, especially when web surfing and accessing email and social networking sites. Renting a local Singaporean SIM card for your smartphone (or taking a smartphone from Cellhire) will alleviate these potential high data roaming charges.

Alternatively, Cellhire can provide USB Modems with a Singapore SIM card. As an event rental specialist, Cellhire has been supplying media representatives with cost effective voice and data solutions for events for over 20 years. International USB modem rental provides remote, wireless access to email and the Internet regardless of location and we offer a choice of inclusive bundles tailored for varying usage patterns.

For further information visit our international portfolio.

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