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Preparing for Hurricane Season with Satellite Phones

For 6 months the Atlantic hurricane season affects more than 35 million homes and businesses throughout the Western Hemisphere. Millions live in fear as devastating force winds and torrential rain destroy power lines leaving many without electricity and unable to call for help.

Each year these powerful storm surges halt production throughout the Gulf Coast region of the United States, shutting down operations for many companies. When communications go-down, these businesses are left isolated from their customers, clients and the rest of the world. When land-based, cellular and radio telecom services become inoperable due to winds and flooding, satellite equipment are the only means of communication. In these situations, satellite networks such as Iridium and Thuraya are critical to communication.

Iridium satellite phones are an ideal backup communication service due to the network’s superior coverage footprint and high network service quality. As an Authorized Service Provider for Iridium products and services, companies like Cellhire play a key role in disaster preparedness and emergency response. In 2008, Cellhire helped more than 250 coastline companies stay connected throughout the intense hurricane season – particularly in the aftermath of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike.

In disaster recovery situations, Cellhire provides wireless communication equipment including Iridium satellite phones to first responders, public safety personnel, and any individual or organization seeking dependable communications. Reliable Iridium satellite phones can be the only means of communication during post-hurricane conditions when cellular networks are often down and entire cities are plagued with power outages. Cellhire also assists many large and small businesses in preparing for natural disasters and other emergencies so they can rely on wireless service to keep their employees connected, productive and competitive.

Cellhire recommends that you prepare before the hurricane season. Prior to a hurricane hitting the coast there is always a tremendous demand for satellite phones which usually result in delays and delivery issues depending on the projected path of the hurricane. The company highly recommends arranging the purchase or rental of satellite phones prior to hurricane season. With the hurricane season starting in April, individuals and businesses seeking around-the clock connectivity are encouraged to contact Cellhire.

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