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Emergency medical evacuation services for travelers

The premier emergency medical evacuation service for travelers, this client specializes in worldwide medical transportation. They transport individuals who are hospitalized more than 150 miles from their home, either in the U.S. or abroad, to the hospital of their choice.

This upward company services a growing base of 50,000 members, comprising both individuals and companies. Members consist of a wide-range of travelers, from wealthy big-game safari hunters to study abroad college students. Families with elderly parents, sick individuals or those with disabilities also makeup a significant portion of their membership base.

The challenge

As annual membership increased, the client was looking for new ways to boost value to one of their elite programs. The company decided they would like to provide a global phone rental service, such as satellite phones, as an added benefit to their elite membership base.

In seeking a supplier of wireless rental services, it was important for the client to meet the following objectives:

  • Free international phone rental
  • Discounted satellite phone rental
  • Competitive and cost efficient call charges
  • Minimum effort by staff
  • Complete coverage and fulfillment of all orders
  • Enhance experience for clientele

The solution

The client chose Cellhire because of the added benefit of its services for their membership base. Cellhire created a value-added service that members found useful and relevant. Exclusive clientele now had a wide-range of wireless options for their overseas travel, contingency plans and security needs. Cellhire provided a portfolio of wireless services and equipment including satellite phones, wireless data cards and other cellular services.

The Cellhire team worked closely with the company’s staff to handle all member inquiries and assist in the selection of equipment that best fit their travel needs. The team also provided them with marketing materials and informative programs to help facilitate a seamless launch for their members. Members are now able to place orders directly online or by phone and receive their rental equipment before their trip. Furthermore, we ensure satellite phone stock levels are adequate to meet all their orders.

The results

Cellhire was able to immediately boost the value of the client’s elite membership program.

  • Cellhire created a custom satellite phone solution which included bundled minute packages for elite members, thus increasing membership sales for the company.
  • For adventurous client members, Cellhire provided contingency solutions for numerous mountain climbing expeditions, safaris and hunting trips, often in remote areas.
  • Throughout the 2008 hurricane season, Cellhire was able to fulfill all orders throughout the Gulf Coast region, providing appropriate equipment to client members even through global stock shortages.

Client feedback

“Cellhire adds a valuable benefit to our elite program. Our elite members have access to rent an international cell phone or a satellite phone. This allows them to stay connected to friends and family and to reach us in case of an emergency. Cellhire provides great customer service to our members and to our staff. Their representatives are knowledgeable of our program and provide service to our members weekly.”

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