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Introducing Cellhire DataManager®

Cellhire has launched yet another value added service aptly named DataManager. DataManager is designed to give customers the flexibility to monitor their own data usage when using a USB Modem or MiFi device from Cellhire.

Using a data product like a USB modem or MiFi device abroad has the potential to become expensive if careful usage checks are not put in place. DataManager is a piece of software that just does that. It installs onto a laptop and keeps track of the total amount of data used by the USB modem or MiFi device. It can be configured to alert you as you approach a pre-determined data limit using a simple quota system. Simply set the quota e.g 5GB and choose to be warned when you get within, say, 10% of this value. DataManager continues to remind you as you approach the limit and you decide whether to reschedule the reminder, dismiss it or perhaps re-set the quota.

DataManager sits quietly in your system tray and only pops up to alert you or when you require more information on your data use. It’s simple to use, easy to install and allows you to monitor your data usage to avoid overage fees.

Peter Whelerton, Head of IS comments “It’s important that our customers understand all the ways a PC might use data, from background updates to watching movies, we want to equip our customers with the knowledge to manage their data.”

DataManager only measures data accessed through the USB modem or MiFi device so if you use a wireless network in a hotel, a Wi-Fi hotspot or plug it in to your network at home/work, that data won’t be counted in the figures. This makes it easy to keep an accurate track on the amount of billable data.

“Cellhire is committed to continuously improving its internal processes and is proud of its ISO (Quality) accreditation. Our employees are highly qualified and committed to providing the best possible customer experience. At Cellhire, we strive to give our customers the tools they need to save them money so they come back to us time and time again” Angela Richards, Cellhire Quality Manager.

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