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Champion call charges from Cellhire

The 18th Badminton World Championships 2010 takes place from 23rd – 29th August. This year the event will be hosted in Paris, France.

If you are travelling to Paris to attend the event, be it as an official, a spectator or a competitor fighting for the title of World Champion rent a French SIM card from Cellhire to avoid high roaming charges whilst in France.

Hiring a SIM card and mobile phone from Cellhire on the Orange France network will typically save you up to 70% compared to using your existing SIM card and roaming. If you wish to use your existing phone, simply rent a French SIM card from Cellhire for the duration of your trip.

Visit destination france for further information.

Not only can Cellhire offer French SIM cards to reduce the cost of your mobile bill, but we also boast an impressive portfolio of cost saving solutions including smartphones, USB Modems and MiFi devices, all of which can be utilised with a French SIM card to reduce your data bill whilst in France.

Cellhire has an office based in France so is perfectly placed to offer you 24/7 customer and technical support should you need it.

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