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Automation company selected Cellhire

With $5 billion in annual sales, this corporation is recognized as one of the world’s largest industrial automation companies. From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, they supply products, software and services across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.

The challenge

As an industry leader with global customers in more than 80 countries, the client was seeking a comprehensive service to manage their growing wireless telecom needs.

Critical to success for the client was to meet the following objectives:

The solution

In March 2005, this automation company selected Cellhire as their official wireless rental provider. Over 20,000 of their employees were redirected to Cellhire for a wide range of wireless telecom solutions, both domestic and international.

Cellhire went beyond the scope of a simple rental service provider, assigning an experienced account management team to fulfill all requirements. The team was able to assess individual employee needs, discuss options and provide additional support as needed.

For the first time, employees had the ability to place an order online or directly over the phone. Wireless equipment such as cell phones and data cards could now be shipped and tracked to the appropriate facility. In addition, Cellhire supplied prepaid UPS return packs, providing employees with an easy option for rental returns. Furthermore, each internal department could now monitor their wireless spend. Cellhire provided detailed invoicing and itemized billing which allowed for greater cost savings.

The Results

Within a short period, Cellhire was able to decrease costs, reduce wait times and eliminate internal help desk issues for the client.

Additionally, Cellhire also provided the following tailored solutions:

Client feedback

“Cellhire offers competitive pricing within a quality service-wrap. Working with the same account team for several years is a real plus point, because they understand our requirements and wireless needs. Their service has helped to improve our employee’s productivity and communication for domestic and international wireless loaner equipment.”

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