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New data usage monitor from Cellhire helps prevent billshock

Cellhire, a global mobile solutions specialist, has launched DataManager, a data usage monitor that keeps users aware and in control of how much data they are using via an Internet modem stick (USB modem). This second release of the application now provides a version for Mac users.

“We’ve seen a great increase in data usage over the past 2 years. With high data roaming rates coupled with the growth of hungry data devices, we wanted to make sure that we could offer data solutions that would keep our customer connected, at lower rates and give them the tools to monitor and control their data usage. As a result, billshock is not something we have to deal with at Cellhire. “ commented Tim Williams, CEO Cellhire.

The application provides users reassurance of how much data they are using, either per session or as an overall total per day, week or month. Users can take control by setting usage quotas. They can watch their data usage total move towards the quota limit and set alerts to notify them when they are within a percentage of this quota. This can help to control costs by warning when usage hits bundled levels, prompting users to buy more data and avoid excessive overage charges. Reporting usage can be viewed in a graphical format, with charts for daily, weekly and monthly usage.

For mobile data users, especially when using data while roaming outside of the UK, it is easy to eat up data and return home to find a shocking data usage charge on your mobile bill. DataManager prevents this.

DataManager is offered free of charge, exclusively to Cellhire USB modem customers. It is offered alongside the USB modem rental and the portfolio of 40 SIMSmart data solutions. The DataManager application was first released for PC users at the South African World Cup.

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