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Earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan

The devastation caused by the magnitude 9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on Friday March 11th, have created a massive obstacle for the Japanese people to confront.

This catastrophic natural disaster has been described by Japan’s Prime Minister, Naoto Kan “as the single greatest challenge that the country has faced since World War II”. However there can be no doubt that the resilience, courage and determination of the Japanese people will be a significant factor in overcoming this tragedy.

There was no better example of this than that demonstrated by Cellhire Japan’s Business Development Director, Joji Kanemoto who is based in Tokyo. “Initially we thought that the tremors weren’t out of the ordinary but it became clear as they continued that this was very unusual.” Joji commented.

As there was no delivery service available because of the emergency and public transport had shut down, Joji decided to deliver some urgent orders personally and on foot. Some 6.5 hours later he made it back to his home, to find that his family and home had escaped the worst effects of the earthquake.

Tim Williams, Cellhire plc’s Chairman and Chief Executive commented “Joji’s attitude on Friday is a shining example of how the Japanese people will deal with this shocking event. With a calm and single minded resolve he wanted to demonstrate that Japan and Cellhire remained open for business regardless of circumstances.”

Cellhire has had an office in Tokyo for over 6 years and in response to demand from the Japanese government, aid agencies and international rescue teams, Cellhire is shipping a large quantity of Iridium satellite phones to Japan to help with the recovery process.

Also as part of its contribution to the rebuilding effort in Japan, Cellhire is offering free rental to individual consumers and charities on all Japanese cell phone rentals and Japanese SIM card rentals*. In addition Cellhire will make an equivalent contribution to the Japanese Red Cross until April 30th 2011.

*Offer ends on April 30th 2011, when normal rental rates will apply. Call rates are as shown on our websites subject to normal terms and conditions.

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