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Vodafone NZ creates bespoke Rugby 2011 Mobile Voice and Data offer with Cellhire plc

As New Zealand prepares to host the World Cup in September and October, many rugby supporters will be planning their itinerary in order to get the most out of the matches, venues and festivals. New Zealand is a wonderful land to explore and many World Cup goers will want to share their experience with those at home.

To keep communication costs down, Cellhire has worked with Vodafone NZ to create a bespoke short-term event rental package for the World Cup 2011. The two organisations have had a long-standing business relationship since 2005, resulting in some great voice and airtime rates and cost savings for anyone travelling to New Zealand for the World Cup. Together they will offer short-term rental solutions for both voice and data.

The device portfolio of communication solutions will include premium and economy handsets for mobile phone rental, BlackBerry rentalUSB modem rental, MiFi rental plus SIM only options for both voice and data including a new Smartphone 1GB data bundle – all on local Vodafone New Zealand airtime. Additional savings will be made with FREE calls to Cellhire SIM cards plus NO call connection fee.**

Using a New Zealand local SIM card will mean that users will not be roaming and incurring high roaming charges. Here is an illustration of possible savings for a small business:


A person who talks for:

  • 100 minutes receiving calls will save £43
  • 100 minutes calling within NZ will save £31
  • 100 minutes calling to another Cellhire Vodafone NZ SIM will save £43
  • 100 minutes calling back to the UK, will save £15
  • 100 text messages will save £10

Total Voice savings on one device £142


A person with a USB modem who uses:

  • 2GB of data will save £12218
  • 4 GB of data will save £4016

A person with a smart phone who uses:

  • 200 MB of data will save £1150
  • 400 MB of data will save £2350

Not everyone is a heavy data user, but a savings of £6 per MB can add up. If a heavy data user chooses the 1GB smart phone data bundle, for making FaceTime calls, downloading content and checking emails they will save £6094 if the full allowance is used. In addition, the Cellhire DataManager app can be used with the Cellhire USB modem to track data usage and warn if usage is about to hit a specified limit. Any heavy data user who has experienced data shock will quickly understand the value of this free service.

With the rise in use of smart phones and new technology such as FaceTime calling, sharing experiences at events is wonderful and exciting. Keeping costs of voice and data usage down will help more people attending the World Cup in New Zealand enjoy this technology, share their experiences and avoid bill shock on their return home.

*This illustration is based on comparison to the O2 ITS tariff, a current tariff on the date this article was written 30 March 2011.

**This fee is based on listed fees published by a competitor offering phone rental for the World Cup.

For more information visit Cellhire’s mobile and data products for the NZ 2011.

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