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Cellhire effectively manage communications during BlackBerry outage

October 13th 2011. During the BlackBerry outages over the last few days (10th – 13th October 2011) Cellhire has endeavoured to communicate clearly and effectively to its customers that rely on BlackBerry services.

BlackBerry users have suffered extensive disruption due to faults at RIM, the makers and operators of the BlackBerry network. Cellhire strived to maintain constant contact with its customers through various channels and, drawing on information from its partnerships with various network operators, keep customers as informed as possible.

Customers received real time updates via the Cellhire SMS system direct to their handsets and were invited to follow @CellhireSupport on Twitter for the latest updates on the situation at RIM. The ability to follow @CellhireSupport updates via Twitter has now become a permanent channel for real time support updates from the Cellhire Group.

Tim Williams, CEO, Cellhire Group said “On behalf of the Cellhire Group, I’d like to apologise to our customers who have encountered any disruption as a result of the BlackBerry faults. We found information coming from RIM to be confusing and sporadic at times, however, I feel that we succeeded in keeping our customers as informed as possible. The outage at RIM was very frustrating for our customers but we’re confident that providing multiple, real time channels of information helped to make the situation somewhat more bearable.”

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