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Cellhire Offers Travel Scholarships to People to People Student Ambassadors in the US

Cellhire has partnered with People to People Ambassador Programs in the United States, the leader in global educational travel experiences, to fund scholarships for students providing them with an international adventure.

Cellhire is the world leader in international mobile communications and has worked with People to People since 2008 providing mobile solutions for students travelling around the world.  The Company has also developed Vismo, a GPS tracking application for smartphones, which provides peace of mind to parents and security for students travelling the world.

Cellhire has made a donation of $4,000 to the People to People Ambassadors Foundation to award deserving students with scholarships for unique programs that increase understanding of foreign cultures. This understanding is obtained through cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities.

Ambassadors Foundation Director Ryan Oerlich said “This is a great collaboration between two companies that have a vested interest in keeping our students connected to home while traveling abroad. We are grateful to all companies that support and recognize the value of global education and educational travel for our US young people.”

Cellhire is also offering an additional $12,000 in Techno Teen scholarships along with equipment prizes for each winner. The scholarship winners will share their overseas experiences with the world by becoming Techno Teen correspondents, providing real time journalistic updates from abroad.

Bloggers will receive Amazon HD Fire tablets, Videographers will receive HD Flip Video Cameras and Photo Journalists will receive Sony Digital Cameras.  Grand prize winners in each category will secure $2,000 scholarships toward their tuition and all winners will receive a Vismo GPS International Phone.

Scholarships are awarded through a volunteer committee of both students and adults to review based upon the criteria outlined in the application online at

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