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The 65th Cannes Film Festival takes place from May 16th – 27th this year in Cannes Southern France.

The festival is a yearly event that sees all aspects of the world film industry together in one place to review the year’s films and present awards to the brightest stars. The festival’s high profile and luxurious surroundings attract many of the world’s top film stars to the festival and award ceremonies.

Cellhire has been working with Festival de Cannes for the last 14 years providing attendees with mobile voice and data solutions. This year will see the usual cell phones on offer alongside smartphones such as iPhone and BlackBerry and sees the introduction of tablet devices such as iPads and mobile wireless hotspot devices. Cellhire has a contingent in Cannes to provide onsite technical assistance to all customers. Cellhire solutions for the Cannes Film Festival can be ordered online through a dedicated Cannes portal.

Cellhire solutions are used by a variety of Cannes attendees including film production companies, film distribution companies plus a large media presence including broadcasters and journalists.

Festival de Cannes, now in its 65th year, was started in a response to the Festival of Venice and has grown from there. While early editions of the Festival were primarily a social event from which almost all of the films received an award, the appearance of stars from around the world on the Festival’s red carpet combined with increasing media coverage quickly earned it a legendary international reputation. With the creation of its Marché du Film in 1959, the Festival took on a professional dimension that encouraged networking and interaction between all those involved in the film industry.

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