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Success for Cellhire at Festival de Cannes

The 27th May 2012 saw the 65th Cannes film festival draw to a close, with around thirty thousand people attending this year. Throughout the festival critics, broadcasters, film crews and stars have been able to stay connected with their teams around the world thanks to Cellhire. Cellhire provided mobile telephone equipment, local SIM cards and mobile broadband internet devices for use at Festival de Cannes.

The Cellhire technical support team were available onsite during the entire festival to assist visitors with setting up and using their Cellhire equipment. In addition to the technical assistance Cellhire is also behind the Cinando iPhone app, giving Cinando members access to the film industry at their fingertips.

Speaking when the app first launched, Jérôme Paillard, Executive Director of Marché du Film commented “Cellhire has developed a wonderful iPhone app that is quick, clear and makes great use of the iPhone user interface… helping us bring the power of the Cinando database to our members at film festivals throughout the year”.

It has been a fantastic year at Cannes and Cellhire has proudly contributed to that success, providing lines of communication to hundreds of users.

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