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Cellhire launches SIMsmart prepaid

Cellhire, the global provider of mobile telecoms solutions, has launched SIMsmart prepaid, satisfying the need of travellers visiting countries in Europe. SIMsmart is a contract free, prepaid SIM card that can be used in over 190 countries around the world and offers the lowest call rates available online.

Over 10 million Americans visited Europe in 2011 and traditionally a multi-stop trip would be extremely expensive roaming with a US phone. Standard roaming rates can be as high as £0.99p per minute; in contrast SIMsmart prepaid offer call rates from Europe to the US from as low as £0.08p.

SIMsmart prepaid will work in most phones offering travellers cost effective options for calling country to country and calling home. SIMsmart prepaid works all over the world but has particularly competitive rates in Europe.

Tim Williams, Chairman and CEO of Cellhire, the 25 year old telecoms company behind SIMsmart prepaid says “We recognized that lots of travellers were visiting multiple European countries and in need of an easy, prepaid solution to keep in touch. Most US phones don’t work or are very expensive to use in Europe so we decided to offer outstanding value handsets with great value call rates.”

The SIMsmart prepaid offer differs from any other travel phone because it is unique in its low call rates and its provision of direct connections and carrier-grade call quality. All active SIM cards also benefit from free email support for life.

Part of the Cellhire group of companies, SIMsmart prepaid is a thoroughbred company conceived as a result of Cellhire’s global presence and unique worldwide relationship with over 100 networks across the globe.

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