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Cellhire launches international iPhone SIM card rental

International iPhone SIM Card

iPhones are great in your home country but take one abroad and you must instantly reach for the ‘Data Roaming Off’ button to avoid nasty bill shock. To keep key features like email, web browsing and social media turned on whilst abroad, Cellhire has launched a new range of International iPhone SIM cards designed for use in countries such as the UK, France and Germany.

Cellhire’s international iPhone SIM cards include an iPhone SIM for France, Germany and the UK. Bundles include both voice and data allowances enabling users to turn data roaming on when traveling abroad and unlock the full potential of their iPhone, keeping their own apps, contacts and personal information in their pocket when abroad.

The bundle allowances range from 1GB up to 5GB, enabling downloads and the use of apps and access to everyday features like Facebook and Twitter that would otherwise have to be disabled to avoid large roaming bills.

A user roaming in Germany for example using 5GB of data with an AT&T or Verizon SIM card would pay $1,170 and $1,250 respectively whereas Cellhire offers 5GB of data in Germany for $89 a saving of up to 92% on data alone. There has been considerable debate in Europe over excessive roaming rates to the extent that the EU has introduced legislation to prevent ‘bill shock’ for those using smartphones abroad.

The new international iPhone SIM card range brings a unique offer to the telecoms market place, providing iPhone users with a comprehensive, low cost solution to get the most from their device when traveling abroad.

For those users wanting to take more than one device abroad, Cellhire also supplies travel routers including Mifi devices to allow up to five WiFi devices to connect to the internet over one mobile data connection. Cellhire’s Mifi travel routers have a range of SIM cards for coverage across the world.

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