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Cellhire opens new office in Moscow, Russia

Cellhire, the international wireless solutions specialist, has added another major office location to its global network. The new Russian office adds to Cellhire’s presence in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Japan and China. Cellhire’s continued growth and expansion has been supported in 2012 by success at the London Olympics. The Cellhire Group provided over 20,000 connections to businesses, sports teams and the world’s media travelling to London for the Games.

Cellhire Russia will offer both corporate and consumer telecoms solutions to the region, including local support, with a product portfolio of local and international voice, data and smartphone solutions. Prepaid products are available for those travelling to and from Russia with competitive services offered for both Europe and the rest of the world.

The Moscow location will enable the Company to drive eastern European business development in nations such as Ukraine, Poland and Turkey as well as increasing its client base in Russia. Cellhire Russia LLC will be located in the Business Centre Capital Plaza, 4th Lesnoy Pereulok, Moscow.

A presence in Russia enables Cellhire to offer local communications to sports teams and media groups as they prepare for high profile events in the region, including the World Athletics Championships and the G20 Summit in 2013 and the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

A unique agreement with Russian mobile operator MegaFon has enabled Cellhire to offer very competitive rates in the region whilst maintaining its high standards of customer service. Cellhire’s global customer base will now be supported by the new Moscow office, which will deliver unrivalled levels of international telecoms service for upcoming global events in the region and to multinationals based in Russia.

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