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Cellhire leads the way in European data roaming

European Data Roaming

Cellhire has made large reductions in its data pricing portfolio including MiFi data plans and iPhone SIM card rentals, prices have been reduced in some cases by up to 65%.

To help customers select the right data solution for them, Cellhire has built an interactive wizard on its website. Customers simply select the region of the world that they want to travel to and their choice of a MiFi device or a USB modem.

MiFi travel routers allow customers to connect up to five devices to the internet through the one connection. Any device with WiFi capability can connect to a MiFi device including iPhone, iPad, smartphones and laptops.

A customer renting a MiFi travel router along with a 10GB bundle for Germany for example pay the equivalent of just $2.80 per day and many of Cellhire’s data products don’t have any charges for using more that your allowance. Online suppliers of similar products charge upwards of $15 per day making Cellhire great value for rentals of five days and above.

Reduced data products cover the whole globe from US solutions to European and Asian solutions. To view the full range of MiFi data products please visit our European data roaming section and our range of iPhone SIM card rentals can be found here.

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