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Olympic success for Cellhire Push To Talk

Mobile Tornado push-to-talk

Cellhire partnered with Mobile Tornado during the London 2012 Olympic Games, to provide an instant communications solution to the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG).

Cellhire provided a Push To Talk (PTT) mobile telecoms service that enabling LOCOG to keep in contact with their key teams for transport to the Olympic teams, Olympic Committee’s and IOC members as they traveled to and from venues throughout the UK. The technology allows the establishment of half-duplex voice links where one person speaks and the other person listens. The Push To Talk technology uses traditional mobile phone networks allowing instant two way conversations between individuals and groups at the touch of a button.

Using the O2 network, the Cellhire PTT service powered by Mobile Tornado was deployed to key members of LOCOG staff and enabled them to keep in constant contact. The ‘one-to-one’ and ‘one-to-many’ communications offered by Cellhire and Mobile Tornado worked flawlessly throughout the event, giving LOCOG staff on the ground an unprecedented level of communication. The PTT service was used at sailing events in Weymouth, the rowing in Eton Dorney and many other Olympic events throughout the UK, including nationwide football venues and the Olympic stadium in East London.

A spokesperson for LOCOG said, “The Cellhire Push-to-Talk product and the corresponding service levels provided by Cellhire during the London Olympics were of an excellent standard and helped contribute to the seamless running of the Games.”

Cellhire PTT is available on short term and long term contracts within the UK and globally as a full-service rental solution for major events and large-scale corporate use.

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