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Cellhire European Cell Phone Rental

Cellhire offers blanket coverage across Europe with a unique European SIM card designed to save you money. Customers can take advantage of one phone, one number and one rate anywhere in Europe.  Cellhire’s European cell phone is specifically designed for low cost calls across Europe and offers calls back to the US from only $0.75 per minute, a saving of 40% compared to roaming with major US carriers. The European cell phone boasts of FREE incoming calls while in the UK and reduced call rates.

With 10.8 million Americans visiting Europe in 2012 the European cell phone places Cellhire ahead of traditional European roaming from US carriers. With the European cell phone call rates are as much as 100% cheaper than US carriers.

The Cellhire European cell phone arrives fully tested, charged and ready for use. With the added benefit of 24 hour global support, the European cell phone is the essential solution for any traveller.

Looking for Data? Cellhire’s European MiFi travel router now includes a huge 1 GB data bundle. The ultra-compact MiFi device allows multiple devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and iPhones a shared high speed data connection throughout Europe. For only $59 per month Cellhire’s European MiFi is more cost effective than the equivalent prepaid data solution.

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