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Australian prepaid SIM card for Ashes tour

Cellhire, the international mobile communications specialist has launched an Australian prepaid SIM card for the upcoming Ashes cricket tour in Australia through their prepaid arm SIMsmart prepaid. The Australian SIM card offers the lowest Australia wide call rates, with calls back to the UK costing just £0.27 per min and texts costing only £0.11 per message. The Australian prepaid SIM card is both cost effective and essential to even the most devoted cricket fan, best of all incoming calls are completely FREE…now that’s cricket.

SIMsmart prepaid is unique compared to all other travel phone providers due to its unique low call rates, carrier-grade call quality and superior delivery of direct connections. Free lifetime email support is provided to all active SIM cards for their lifespan entirety.

Fast, mobile internet access in Australia just got easier. Cellhire has recently launched the Australia MiFi mobile hotspot capable of sharing one data connection with multiple devices; it comes with a huge 5GB data bundle and 24 hour global support. Ultra-efficient, the Australian MiFi offers the latest in mobile internet technology.

Cellhire has been a superior global telecommunications provider for over 25 years conceiving SIMsmart prepaid as a result of its global presence and unique international relationships with over 100 networks worldwide.

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